Inspiration Keynote presentations at education events worldwide. Inspiring, practical and based on real-world experience.

Aimed at helping to make learning better.

Education Events

An education event would be inspiring for
attendees. Full of hands-on experiences and sound pedagogy. A chance to experience and explore and, above all, make a difference in the classroom.


What would it look like if your place was the best place in the world to teach and learn?

Education transformation projects require insight, planning and furthermore vision.


Across the world, educators face the same challenges and rewards in the challenge of delivering great learning experiences.

Be inspired by some of those who make it happen.

Andrew Jewell Education

It is a real privilege to work with some amazing people around the world. I’m always amazed by how similar education events are in regions that are otherwise so diverse.

At the centre of it all is great teaching, because teachers make such a difference to how young people experience school, and learning.

I love working with teachers, most importantly helping them use technology for the only reason any of us ever do; to make our lives, and the lives of the learners we teach, better.

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About Andrew

Andrew Jewell is a teacher with over 17 years classroom experience. He was at the forefront of the world’s first 1:1 iPad project at Cedars School of Excellence in 2010, becoming an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2011 and Apple Education Trainer in 2013.

Andrew Jewell has led education events and projects across the UK and EMEIA, being widely recognised as passionate and enthusiastic educator and sought after conference speaker.

He has worked with as an internal contractor with Apple, led the learning team at one of the UK’s largest education resellers and worked as an independent consultant on one of the largest education transformation projects in Europe in Glasgow City.

His great love is sharing his enthusiasm,  expertise and education events with an ever-expanding network of schools and educators across the world.

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